SHAHEED - E - MOHABBAT ... BOOTA SINGH the story continues

The story is about : Boota Singh served on the Burma front under the command of Lord Mount Batten. By the end of second world war when he returned to his village in Jallendher, his youth was over. Yet a hope to have a family of his own lurked in some corner of his heart. A trader assured him that if he could raise Rs. 2,000/- he would buy a young bride for him from Eastern U.P. Boota Singh started saving every penny. At the end of three years he managed to save Rs. 1,800/-.

Another harvest end he would be a married man.India & Pakistan gained freedom in1947 and a mighty exodus of refugees started on both sides of the border. Boota's village and surrounding areas also came in the grips of riots. One day Zainab, a Muslim girl from Rajasthan who was being chased by Sikh youths came to Boota Singh & sought protection for self. Boota Singh could shake the rioted off only after giving them his life's savings. Soon Zainab learn about the sacrifice he had made for her. She also got touched by his simplicity and when the villagers decided that she cannot stay with Boota Singh without marrying her she willingly gets married to him. Boota's life got transformed overnight, she became the focus of his life and when a daughter was born to him, his cup of joy overflowed.

In 1952, India & Pakistan agreed to depart all such women who were left behind in riots. Some one from the village informed the police that such Muslim girl was in their village also. In Boota's absence, the police came and took away Zainab leaving the kid behind. Boota Singh along with his daughter followed Zainab to the Delhi Camp. She informed him that the day the camp authorities locate her parents, she would be sent away and before that he should make efforts to detain her.

Almost for a month, Boota Singh went from pillar to post but failed. One day Zainab was departed to Pakistan. Boota Singh went to his village, sold his land & landed in Pakistan. Zainab was married off to a cousin of her.What happened to him and their daughter has to be seen in the movie.


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